Assurance of Quality

We stand behind what we make, how we make it, and the products from other manufacturers that are used in the process

Wickcraft boardwalk frames use only high quality, HSS structural steel that has been hot-dip galvanized for a 100-year frame guarantee. This guarantee is nine times longer than the best planned lifespan of a traditional post and timber walkway. Every Wickcraft boardwalk includes a lifetime warranty on the workmanship. It is only because Wickcraft owns its facilities, employs only certified welders and fabricators, and uses repeatable production procedures that ensure quality at the highest level. This quality control allows Wickcraft to give you peace of mind for years to come. A product is only as good as its parts. Because Wickcraft offers you a choice of decking and handrail components, Wickcraft backs all maximum allowable manufacturers’ warranties. Therefore, Wickcraft only selects manufacturers that represent the same high level commitment to quality.

Working with Wickcraft

Quality workmanship has been guaranteed for life since 1954

We use the highest quality materials like galvanized steel frames (which last four times as long as wood structures) and Posi-Loc® and Posi-Trus® materials for unmatched security and support. Pre-fabrication quality is created in our shop and delivered in the field. We use a modular design to lower installation costs and deliver quality product at high speeds, verifying our installs to give you peace of mind for years to come. 

The Wickcraft Experience

A lifetime warranty backed by over 60 years of experience

100-year frame guarantee. All in-house certified welders & fabricators. Quality-controlled manufacturing in our own facilities. Physical & financial assets to ensure success and minimize risk. In-field installation verification. One million dollars of product insurance coverage.

Specifying a Wickcraft Boardwalk

Sustainable, long-lasting materials custom-fit to your needs

Posi-Loc® hinges and pins are load-bearing and removable so individual sections can be removed post-installation. Posi-Trus® supports eliminate single-point of failure at frame connections. Walkway frames are to be fabricated with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) A500 structural steel. All frame connecting plates and pins are fabricated from quarter-inch, A36 structural steel and are laser cut for precision quality. Legs are fabricated from ATSM A500 structural steel. Entire post-fabrication frame assembly is hot-dip galvanized with a minimum of 3.9 micron thickness of zinc-based galvanizing. All post-galvanized frame assemblies are hand-rasped and cleaned; removing any sharp edges without compromising the galvanized integrity. If post pockets are added for a hand railing, seven-gauge plate steel is used. If used, all decking is arsenic-free, western wood, structural lumber.

Our Work

Hundreds of happy clients

Why Wickcraft?


The POSI-LOC® connection system is the only system with a removable pin that allows for post-installation removal or replacement of individual frames critical for trail expansion, maintenance, or right-of-way access.


The POSI-TRUS™ support system is the only redundant frame support system that reduces mid-point deflection, eliminates single point of failure, and increases installation rates.

Lifetime workmanship guarantee

Our Lifetime Warranty is simple; it covers Wickcraft’s workmanship of the frames against defect for the entire life of the boardwalk.

Galvanized structural steel

Wickcraft is proud to be your only source for prefabricated, galvanized, structural steel boardwalk frames that exceed International Building Code (IBC) requirements and are constructed from ASTM A500 Structural Steel tubing than hot dip galvanized.