Supporting you from documentation to delivery to installation


A Wickcraft boardwalk is constructed from tubular structural steel (HSS) that is hot-dip galvanized, post-fabrication. Each modular frame is efficiently supported by two legs, our Posi-Loc® hinge and Posi-Trus® system, significantly reducing installation time. Our anchored supports and bearing-plate footings are non-penetrating, adjustable, pan-foot legs designed to equally displace surface loads while prevented uplift or movement during flooding. However, a Wickcraft boardwalk can also be built on other footings, including helical piles. Wickcraft offers pre-fabricated deck panels in a variety of materials including woods, plastics, and metals that easily drop into galvanized frames. All deck fasteners can be installed from the underside, eliminating visible screw heads on the deck surface.


All Wickcraft boardwalks are pre-fabricated and only require installation. Wickcraft works closely with installers and contractors to assist and support the installation process from documentation, to product delivery, to completion. Wickcraft inspects and verifies boardwalk installation for both the installer’s and property manager’s peace of mind. A Wickcraft boardwalk is typically installed at a rate of over 120 linear feet per day with a crew of three. All labor is general, with the exception of a Bobcat operator. The equipment requirements are only general hand tools and a laser level.

Dock & Piers

Quality by design, with a Lifetime warranty and unlimited customer support.

Remarkably durable stationary dock system. Known for ease of installation and removal, our docks will let you spend more time enjoying your waterfront than managing it. One person, with one tool can install or remove a typical pier configuration in under one hour. 

Galvanized steel resists corrosion for over 50 years. Flared legs and truss design greatly increases stability and decreases “wobble”. Legs have 21” of adjustability to easily adapt to changing water conditions. 

Designed with storage in mind, frames “nest” together in a  4’ x  6’ stack to reduce shoreline clutter. 

For sales, please contact one of our trusted suppliers:

Deano Docks: Offers a variety of products and services to meet your waterfront needs. The main products include docks, piers, boat lifts (hoists) and all accessories. They also provide maintenance, spring installation, fall removal and storage of these products. Contact them at (608) 850-4424

DL Anderson: With over 30 years of experience serving the Madison, Lake Wisconsin and Southern Wisconsin area, the D.L. Anderson Company is the boat lift, pier and dock professional. Contact them at (608) 249-3100

Gills Marine: #1 in customer satisfaction, guaranteed. They will come to your home and give you a free estimate on the pier that is perfect for you and your family. They also work with us to install high quality boardwalks. Contact them at (608) 630-5506

Manke Enterprises: For the last 40+ years, Manke Enterprises has become the go-to for sales, service, installation and removal of Wickcraft and other marine products. Manke Enterprises has earned its reputation by working hard to secure our clients’ trust, as they work closely with product manufacturers by learning the equipment, proper use and installation. Contact them at (608) 592-4022