I20 Wildlife Preserve

I20 Wildlife Preserve

Midland, TX
Approximately 2270 linear feet of six-foot wide boardwalk through an urban playa lake, designed using teak decking and anchored, adjustable, non-penetrating pan-foot legs

Design Challenge

I20 Wildlife Preserve

The mission was to make a preserve out of an urban playa lake where conservation, restoration, education, research, and enjoyment of nature area is of utmost importance.

The rainwater runoff proved to be the biggest challenge when it came to this urban playa lake.  

There were frequent flash floods that would render the trails useless. The floods would erode the ground and make it difficult for the enjoyment of a haven in the middle of an industrial area.

Design Solution

I20 Wildlife Preserve

The use of an elevated boardwalk with adjustable, non-penetrating pan-feet enabled the natural flow of rainwater and did not damage the ground that the boardwalk rested upon.

A large overlook structure allowed for wildlife viewing and theenjoyment of the urban playa lake.

The boardwalk was completed with teak decking that matched the natural surroundings.