A Wickcraft boardwalk is constructed from tubular structural steel (HSS) that is hot-dip galvanized, post-fabrication.

Each modular frame is efficiently supported by two legs, our Posi-Loc® hinge and Posi-Trus® system, significantly reducing installation time.

Our anchored supports and bearing-plate footings are non-penetrating, adjustable, pan-foot legs designed to equally displace surface loads while prevented uplift or movement during flooding. However, a Wickcraft boardwalk can also be built on other footings, including helical piles.

Wickcraft offers pre-fabricated deck panels in a variety of materials including woods, plastics, and metals that easily drop into galvanized frames.

All deck fasteners can be installed from the underside, eliminating visible screw heads on the deck surface.

All Wickcraft boardwalks are pre-fabricated and only require installation. Wickcraft works closely with installers and contractors to assist and support the installation process from documentation, to product delivery, to completion.

Wickcraft inspects and verifies boardwalk installation for both the installer’s and property manager’s peace of mind.

A Wickcraft boardwalk is typically installed at a rate of over 120 linear feet per day with a crew of three.