Why Wickcraft?

Leah Walters
April 23, 2018

Parks are designed to last, to be shared with generations to come. When executing the design of a park, it is essential to consider which materials are best suited for the project at hand. Conservation and preservation are priorities as well as creating an environment that all visitors can enjoy. Our galvanized structural steel boardwalks are visitor and environmentally-friendly in a multitude of different ways. 

Low impact to install

  The galvanized structural steel boardwalks are installed without penetrating the soil, thanks to our adjustable, non-penetrating pan-feet. These boardwalks install at a rate of 130 feet per day and can even be installed from above. Our boardwalks make less of an impact on the land since we are not drilling pilings or nailing big posts into the ground. All of these elements make for an environmentally friendly boardwalk that lasts. 

Less maintenance

  Since galvanized structural steel is designed to last, it requires less long-term maintenance. There is no need to deal with rotting wood that needs constant repairs. The consistent repairs could lead to potential environmental damage, which is the last thing that anyone wants. 

Weather resistant

  Galvanized structural steel frames are the base of a boardwalk that lasts. Since it doesn’t rot, the boardwalk will be more able to withstand the natural elements. Since it is resistant to the wear and tear of nature, galvanized structural steel, and the boardwalks that are made of it, last longer.

The health and preservation of our natural resources is incredibly important and the low impact, low maintenance, and durability of Wickcraft boardwalks respects that. Our galvanized structural steel framework is built to last with a lifetime warranty.  We believe in putting nature first and respecting it every step of the way, and that is evidenced through our environmentally-friendly products as well as the ease of installation and upkeep.