The Perfect Match: Boardwalks and Trails

Leah Walters
July 23, 2018

Designing a park brings together a lot of different elements. It is important to work with nature and create landscapes and trails that complement each other. Boardwalks allow for a lot of creativity with the placement, direction and surroundings of trails. They are non-invasive, easy to install and maintain. There are many different elements that a boardwalk can showcase in a park.

How to use the right plants for boardwalks

  When choosing the plants for a boardwalk, it is very important to consider the kind of plants and what functions they will serve. Will the plants be in the shade or the sun? If they will be in the sun then it is important to increase the opacity of boardwalk. If the plants will be in the shade, will they be getting enough sunlight to grow? Are plants going to be under the boardwalk? Are you going to use the plants to cover up the foundation of the boardwalk? All of these and more are questions that you need to be asking yourself when designing a park or natural area. Diverse wildlife and plants keep people interested and exploring the park and the trails.

How boardwalks can add an element of joy/play/surprise in your design

  Elevated trails add something different to your park. This unique element helps to bring visitors into the park, which in turn helps to create healthier communities. Elevated trails help to make the path more accessible to everyone. Whether it is for those in a wheelchair or with a stroller, accessibility is incredibly important. The even surface provided by the boardwalk also helps to create a stable and accessible pathway.

How boardwalks can bring out textures/horizons

  Elevated trails keep park visitors on a guided path. This can lead people to key spots and help to emphasize specific areas. These areas can be different for each and every park. They highlight what makes the park special and beautiful. Whether it is an eagles nest or native plants, a bench or a bridge, a view or an experience, these places allow people to experience something that they cannot experience elsewhere; and that will keep them coming back. Boardwalks take people to these special places but allow them to remain untouched and unharmed by human interaction.

Boardwalks help to showcase the true beauty of a park. They provide easy and safe access to the plants of the park. They add an element of joy and surprise to the park, and they also showcase focal points. All of this is done without damaging any of the nature in the park, thanks to the non-invasive structure of our boardwalks. Boardwalks are the best bet for an environmentally friendly trail that will be there for decades of visitors.