Strength and Stability in Trails and Communities

Leah Walters
October 1, 2018

It is no secret that building trails can help to build your community in a multitude of ways. A trail will help to build your community’s economy, better the public health, and increase a sense of community pride. A strong community can promote a strong network of trails and park visitors. 

Trails create economic growth 

According to American Trails, public trails have been consistently shown to increase property values. In a survey of recent homebuyers (National Association of Homebuilders and National Association of Realtors) it was found that walking/jogging and bike trails were one of the most important community features that people consider when buying a home. Trails can also help to increase jobs in a community. Not only do trails help create jobs during their construction, but they also create commerce around the trail. With a community trial comes an increased need for bike shops, walking supplies, and even cafes or restaurants along the path. "Three new gift shops have recently opened, another bike shop, a jewelry store, an antique and used furniture store, a thrift shop, a Wendy's Restaurant and a pizza and sandwich shop have also cropped up. All this is happening, and only with the PROSPECT of the trail opening in July. There is an air of excitement and anticipation now within this community." said Chris Wagner, Executive Director of the Greater Connellsville Chamber of Commerce, Pennsylvania. 

Trails create healthier communities 

  Trails help to promote outdoor activity and in doing so they help to create healthier communities. Getting out and active is beneficial for you health no matter the kind of exercise it is. Even the low impact activities like walking have been linked to lower risks of heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity, and increased strength and mental well-being. The more accessible your trail, the more health benefits you will create. Even-surfaced, easy to use trails are more attractive to families and less-mobile citizens. A strong, well-built trail that can support bikes, strollers, and wheelchairs will further increase public health benefits as well as visitation to the park. Trails also help to promote walking and biking for transportation. Having easily accessible trails makes people more inclined to use them rather then their cars. This helps to protect the environment by decreasing air pollution from cars; which, in the end is creating healthier air quality for your entire community.

Trails promote community pride

  As previously mentioned, trials are one of the most important parts of a community for new homebuyers. There are many reasons for this but one of the most prominent ones is the effect that it has on the community. Trails help to create interactions between community members. When people get out on the trails they find other individuals, places, and events that interest them, which in turn keeps them coming back for more. Trails are also a signal to community-members that your community values public spaces. This can help to increase the community value and draw in more potential homebuyers. 

Building trails has many benefits for a community, including but not limited to economic growth, healthier communities, and community pride. Thanks for reading and for all you do to build better communities.