Elevate Your Project

Leah Walters
April 2, 2018

  As our society adapts to the changing world around us, it has become increasingly evident that environmental preservation and protection is absolutely essential. This leads to a changing industry for those of us that work so closely with the environment. This changing environment in our industry has lead to newer and stricter demands from clients. That being said, there are a couple of things that you can do in order to keep clients as happy as possible…

Create a place that visitors want to be:

  Trails not only get people to come to your park but also gets them out and about in the park, exploring all that it has to offer. Trails draw in visitors who are looking to get active and enjoy nature all at once. That is a growing market and something that is in our best interests to embrace.  

  While trails promote physical activity, it is important that you also give the visitors somewhere that they can sit down and embrace the nature around them. Many people go to parks in search of some sort of internal peace. Giving these visitors somewhere that they can take in everything around them and enjoy themselves will keep people happy and keep visitors coming back. It gives people time to rest, enjoy their surroundings, and their company or the comfort of solitude.

Add an element that sets your design and your park apart:

  A boardwalk is a great way to set yourself apart and draw people into the park, all while being environmentally friendly. Elevated trails put environmental protection first in the sense that they not only preserve and protect the nature around them, but also below them. They minimize human impact on the natural ecosystems that the visitors come to the park to enjoy. Also, boardwalks increase accessibility in parks. By adding an elevated trail to your design you are opening the door for a whole new demographic. Not only do wheelchair-bound visitors benefit from the solid surfaces of elevated trails, but also mothers with strollers, families with bikes, and more.

Use products that last:

  When you design a park, you want to make sure that it is around for the long haul, to be enjoyed by generations to come. In order to insure the lasting effects of your park, it is essential to use materials that you can trust, materials that are of the highest quality. At Wickcraft, our boardwalks are made to last. We firmly believe in our product and that is why we have a lifetime warranty on our galvanized structural steel boardwalks. Not only are we dedicated to providing quality products to our clients, but we are also very invested in preserving the environment that is the core of our industry as well as our society.

These are but a couple of ways that to maximize client satisfaction as well as environmental protection. These two, client satisfaction and environmental protection, go hand-in-hand. In today’s society, it is in everyone’s best interests to do what they can to protect the environment, and contractors see the value in a proposal and materials that are eco-friendly.